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Homeless, Jobless

bertcork started this conversation

My son is homeless and is need of finding a job.  The problem is without an address, he cannot qualify for any assistance.  He is struggling to keep himself out of trouble and doing what is right by looking for work, putting applications in as many places he can.  When he is asked where he lives and he tells him that he is homeless at this time and needs work to be able to get a place to live, he is then brushed off.


I am trying to help him as much as possible, however my husband, his step father will not allow him to stay in our home.  I am desperate in seeking help from a sight that I know nothing about.  He needs any help he can muster up.


I hope that he does not get so discouraged because of the coldness of our beloved state and city.



Betty M Gripp

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Geo13   in reply to TheAdvisor

best piece I've ever read on the topic
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Godhelpme@LOVE   in reply to jamie1959ma.
I agree so sick of this as well i met a guy who homeless as we are and his mother lives 6 blocks away. I live in tent cant go back to Iowa to dangerous as my story ugly. But no matter what my mom would tell a man to screw off. As would I it cold I am hungry and this prepay phone my only link to job hunt. I cleaned a family garage thati walked up to on street for 20 dollar. They gave me this phone and min till the 9th God bless them
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I am homeless with a dog and veing a girl even worse I have had to lie to find work i walked 7 hours straight found ab abandon house and used that but it didbt work ppl can tell Without ID as well and no residency I couldnt fill out a I9 then the floods in Sept in Co finish me off. I will pray for ur son.
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Charity B.   in reply to TheAdvisor
Advisor - You nailed it. And the situation has only worsened since you posted two years ago as far as care of those with neurological diseases labeled "mental illness".
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Betty, you wrote "I hope that he does not get so discouraged because of the coldness of our beloved state and city". Your son must be one evil cold heart'ed nonredeemable SOB to be homeless when he still has FAMILY!! Your pity for your son makes it 50 times worse for him. Blaming Step Dad, too easy. I could never allow MY son or daughters to feel the pain and humiliation of being homeless and possibly coupled with drugs and depression. My God how they/he/we must feel. I am 54 and homeless . Jamie
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Desert Angel   in reply to mmh777
I am having the same problem in New Jersey. My son has been kicked out of Job Corp twice now. His dad won't let him come home I live with my daughter. He needs help...I cry a lot buy him food....I love him ....I see I am not alone
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Sad in Pleasanton
My Daughter is 18 and homeless now. She made the same mistake alot of teenagers do getting mixed up with drugs. Only she got caught and arrested. Spent five days over weekend too. We weren't bailing her out Tough Love learn from your mistakes. She Did!!! Before Judge she jumped up and down dancing because he let her out. Now she can't come home because we live on a HUD ran apartment complex and we are maintenance. If she steps on the property my husband will be FIRED ON THE SPOT!!! We are by no means rich but trying to feed and shelter daughter that CITY OF PLEASANTON CALIFORNIA won't allow home.
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sadder mom   in reply to sadder mom
im sorry my tap phone leaves my message unable to understand. plus I am new to this technology!
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sadder mom   in reply to mama400
mama there more to stories. we are in exact situation . no one wanrs to hepl my son because he had stole from his dad. he has ste from me. he was direspectful at the time. he lived witb a friend, away that took he then haf a son with his girlfriend . he was a good. took care of tbe baby and kept tbe apartment clean ehile the mom worked. well she left with the baby. and now his world came down. he had his life together and was faithful cjrostian. now he is back to beggining. he is depressed
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mama400   in reply to snooze29
i agree
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what is wrong with your husband! The poor kid is homeless and your husband wont even help the boy!!!! That is horrible and you should talk to him about that.......... I am very sorry that your son is homeless and his step-father should be helping.........

poor kid.... his parents wont help him......

Sorry but its true
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Aesthene   in reply to TheAdvisor
Your response articulates well the way I feel and have felt for most of my life. Thank you for posting here and I hope above all, that your code spreads and becomes the norm - and soon.
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Cyndie   in reply to TheAdvisor
Well said...Amen.
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BambiSMR   in reply to BambiSMR
He's only 21.
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Oh my God, I thought I was the only one in the world in that situation! The problem is I think my son's on drugs too.
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me and my fiance are in the same boat right now. and we also have two dogs. i am seriously struggling on keeping everything together. i just want to cry and go to sleep and hope that when i wake up everything will be ok.
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 in response to Worried for my firstborn...   I am also in a simular situation, but I am 50 and disabled, living with my son, who was locked up last night for contempt of court for not finishing his DUI "stuff". I am torn to bail him out, it's only a $100, but it might as well be $1,000. I don't have the money to make it until next month, I have a boyfriend, who can provide for me well. I actually lived with him from 12/10 til 12/11, but moved out so my son would not be homeless. I am so frustrated right now, I don't know what to do. It's alot more involved than what I have wrote so far, if you can shed some light on my situation, I would greatly appreciate it. I hope things have gotten better for you and your son. I am so TORN, and it is affecting my physical and emotion health beyound belief. A mother in Virginia
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Worried for my firstborn
I guess im not alone in my situation,sadly. I also have a homless son.
He started having mental breakdowns in his ealy teens I tried so hard to get him help but with no insurance and his refusal it was dificult. His father in prison most of his life was no help. I dont understand he had a pretty good upbringing, I worked pretty good jobs & was able to provide well. I was extremely close to him went to EVERY school function, he was very well loved
. He started doing drugs in highschoo-weed & only God knows what else & things got worse he attempted suicide as number of times. Once even begging md to kill him cuse he could not. He started running away n I would be out half the night searching the streets for him.
It had always been just him, his brother & me. I was lucky to find a wonderful man his senior year and we all moved to his house but my son just hated it and hated him, even refusing to even speak to him. Eventually we got pregnant and still I would go out in the middle of the night everytime he went missing. My husband would get very upset & I thought it best that I better stop that. Right after his graduation he left n did not return, but I know had a newborn to care for. He was with friends then homeless dropped out ok f college after 1 semester no job, spen $7,000 in three months with nothing to show for it, no new clothes or shoes. Eventually he ended up with my mother. But now after a year of constantly battling with him she asked him to leave hes been on the street for 5days. Im worried sick about him but my husband doesnt want him here and we have a two yr old and a ten mth old to think about. Im thinking of offering to pay for a motel or rent a room for him but it would be behind my husbands back. I just dont know what to do. I love him so much
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I can relate to your son's dilemma. I was laid off of my job of 15 years in 2009. In june of 2010 I had a stroke and was the diagnosed with Black Lung Pnuemonia. I recieved benefits until March of this year and have been cut from every means of support I was recieving. Now I am homeless, ill, no job, and scared to death of life or even death for that matter. If he finds a way to get out of the mess he is in, please let me know. I too could use the help or support.
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 in response to homelessnjobless...   I might be able to help.Contact me .
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