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Homeless, Jobless

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Dave H
I believe 90 per cent of the Homeless have a disorder of some sort that keeps them from finding work. I believe every person should have a place of their own to call home, free from City and State Ordnance.

Other disorder; going through garbage for income. Not wanting, being told what to do. Committed a crime, Not having a place to live without the Police making you move somewhere else, Family problems, child support, divorce, other Homeless stealing your belongings. Feeling sorry for yourself, Getting beat-up. Loosing your vehicle because no insurance. There are many reasons for a mental disorder as there are people. Do you think living in the streets is normal behavior? When you’re out in the streets there are very few people you can trust.

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hopeless in Michigan
 in response to mmh777...   

Here in Michigan it is absolutley heartless right now, there are no jobs, minamum wages do not get you an apartment or transportation. Its freezing out. I had to send my son to his brothers in california. He is also bipolar also and trying to get a job. My daughter is now without a car because she doesnt have  enough money to fix it, no place to live but to come home. Its so sad, these adults at least mine have the work ethic but no place to put it in use. Its a strain on us and our marriage also. ALso our finances, we are at a loss as of what to do. She cant get another job even if she could find one without a car, and she cant make enought to maintain a car and insurance let alone a place to stay! I do feel for you and your husband, I dont coddle my children and do not want them back with us, but with my daugher we are out of luck and my son well I pray each day he makes it out west, because there is nothing here for him at all, except snow and ice and NO JOBS that pay enough for a place to live and with no mass transportation, well we are all out of luck.. No solutions here either! ALl I know is a cant stand living with my kids, cant bear to see them in this situation either...

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phil collins

The best thing for you to do is to tell your son to put your address as his permanent address on any job application. They won't check up on the address, they never have for me and that's what I always do. Good luck to your son -- and divorce your stupid husband.

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Hi Betty. My situation with my son is the same, down to the Step-Father syndrome. It is a nightmare and have been in between them for years. My son is twenty five. I believe he is bipolar, and uses cocaine. Between the two of these problems.. you can see there are serious problems for my son to overcome. The worst part for me, (and I am reading from you?) is that we are not allowed to give them safe haven. I actually understand the reason(s), to make him do it on his own. I want this for him too. But it is impossible because he creates his own problems by using coke. Unfortunately, bipolar is impossible to overcome without meds. So he is in double jeapordy. BTW, bipolar has a twenty percent mortality rate due to suicide. This really scares me. He called last night (collect, no 35 cents...) to ask that I order a pizza so he could eat. It is pitiful and painful. Regarding your son and an address, I have told my son to say his perm address is with me, and he stays with friends to come into town to work during the week. (we live in the country, another reason he can't stay here.. no jobs...) He is not employable for more than a day or two. No work history of any substance. I don't know how he will make it, or how I would handle the guilt if something bad happens to him. I am prepared, however, if he goes to the county jail for the many legal mess he has created for himself. Of course, he wouldn't be in this mess if he had only lived with me... that's the feeling I have. more guilt. I have also been told by a few people that I am the problem with him. I don't see it, but I guess I have to get out of the way. Near impossible. I'm telling you all of this so you will know you are not alone in these problems. They are oftentimes unbearable, and no one to talk to about it (not the husband for sure, talk about a rant...) I've bookmarked this page and will check back periodically and we can compare notes. Maybe between the two of us, we can come up with some good news... Keep the faith... Maryann

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